Product Review on Ice Genie

In this video, you will learn about bagged ice cubes. The Ice Genie is a product that is an ice cube maker. It has two chambers. You pour water in the outer chamber.

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When it is done, you pull out the inside and then you have ice. Some people say it is really hard to get out the inside. You are supposed to twist it counterclockwise. When you are done, squeeze the ice cubes out. Insert the chamber filled with water into the unit itself. Make sure there are no gaps. Use filtered water if you plan on using the ice cubes. When you fill it, snap on the lid. It does not go on really easily. Gently put it in the freezer. Come back in a few hours to see how it froze. First thing you are supposed to do it squeeze all the sides together. There should be a lot of crackling sounds. It does not make a lot of ice. He is going to make a 2nd batch. If you want to learn more about this process, keep watching this video for more information.

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