Secret Santas Give Veterans New and Improved Homes This Holiday Season

It is the holiday season, and some war veterans are getting secret Santa gifts that would make anyone jealous. Instead of coming wrapped in a box, these gifts come in the form of vinyl siding, new carpet, brand new sinks, and hardwood floors.

U.S. Army veteran Joseph Reddick and his wife Shonda, have great sentimental meaning and memories tied up in their house — the setting of their 40-year marriage — but the house itself was falling apart at the seams. It was Shonda’s childhood home and the place Reddick picked her up for her first date, but could seriously use an update.

Now, thanks to Rebuilding Together Miami-Dade (RTMD), grants from the Bank of America Charitable Foundation and the Miami Dolphin Special Teams, the Reddicks will have a home to show off for the holidays for years to come. The improvements they received included brand new kitchen appliances, updated fencing and flooring, repaired drywall, a new coat of paint, and improved landscaping. These volunteer teams also installed many safety items throughout the home to prevent slipping and falling.vahome

Bill Meyers, a Navy veteran from Indianapolis, also has a virtually brand new home to show off. While he was in the hospital getting treatment for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, The Helping Heroes of America group stepped in and spent $30,000 to give his home a face lift, much to Meyer’s surprise.

The home was almost unlivable, as a result of Meyer’s health deteriorating. He was eventually unable to keep up with expensive regular maintenance and repairs. In fact, the dust and debris in his home was so bad that it actually contributed to his COPD, and his family had already began funeral preparations as his illness wasn’t getting any better.

On top of new carpeting, Meyers gained a whole new bathroom, and the structure of his home was reinforced.

Keeping up with home renovations can be especially expensive, and take up a good chunk of a homeowner’s annual income. But how can these veterans keep the home improvement costs at bay? Simple things such as replacing standard windows with Energy Star efficient windows and doors have the potential to lower energy bills by 7 to 15%.

For Meyers, his home improvement was a matter of life or death. Now, he is ready for a new year filled with love and laughter.

“I did not think anybody cared…but now I see that they do,” said Meyers.

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