Simpsons Fan Remodels to Perfectly Replicate the Beloved Cartoon Family’s Kitchen

A couple in Canada is putting the finishing touches on their new kitchen, but they’re not installing granite countertops, stainless steel appliances or a butcher-block island. No, Marcia Andreychuck and Joel Hamilton are designing the kitchen to look just like that of America’s favorite cartoon family, the Simpsons.


When it came time to undertake a remodel in their Calgary home, Andreychuck and Hamilton drew inspiration from the brightly colored aesthetic of Matt Groening’s animated show. They told CNBC News that they are both huge of fans of the long-running program,

”When I suggested to Joel I kind of want to update the kitchen – let’s do it like the Simpsons – he bought in immediately,” said Andreychuck of her significant other. “He’s been following the show since he was the age of Bart, when the show first started, and so there was no discussion, nothing but, yes, let’s do this.”

The couple has covered their countertops and cabinets with light purple contact paper, and are using green paper on the washer, dryer, fridge, and stove — to replicate the vintage look of Marge’s appliances while they save money to buy authentic avocado-colored ones.

Andreychuk also sewed her own corncob curtains, using fabric she ordered from the Internet.

Kitchen renovations are one of the most popular home improvement projects in the United States, and are similarly popular in Canada and elsewhere. Over the last five years, nearly four in 10 home improvement dollars have gone into kitchens.

According to Fox News, these uber-fans have managed to pull off their “retro-vation,” as they term it, on the cheap, hunting down bargains like the $20 kitchen counter that Andreychuk scored.

”When you see it, it kind of brings a smile to your face,” Hamilton said of the real-life replica room. “The colors are very vibrant.”

No word yet on whether Andreychuck will soon be sporting a giant, bright-blue beehive hairdo.

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