Sister Gives Birth to Identical Twin’s Son After Cancer Left Her infertile

After cancer treatments rendered her sister unable to carry a child, a Long Island woman has given birth to her identical twin’s baby in the ultimate act of sisterly love.

USA Today reports that, in 2009, Allison Ardolino Dinkelacker was diagnosed with stage-3 breast cancer while 30 weeks pregnant with her first son, Dylan. Doctors told her she needed immediate chemotherapy, and one week later Allison gave birth to her son 10 weeks early, via C-section.

Allison underwent months of chemotherapy, surgery, and other treatments. However, the treatment left her infertile.

In spite of this, Allison longed for another child six years after her fight with cancer. That’s when her sister, Dawn Ardolino Policastro, stepped in to say she would carry her sister’s child.

”We sat in my oncologist’s office, and he said to me, ‘You will never be able to carry another child,” Allison wrote on a status she posted to Facebook, “Dawn jumped in and said, ‘It doesn’t matter because I am going to carry their child.’”

About one in every eight couples, or 12% of married women, have difficulty getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy.

Allison’s son, Hudson, was born on August 5, and has been reported to be a completely healthy baby boy, weighing 8 pounds and 13 ounces. Dylan, her other son, is now six years old.

“How can we begin to thank you for the tremendous generosity and sacrifice you have so willingly bestowed these last few months,” Allison continues in her post. “You have given us not just the fulfillment of a wash we’ve had for the last six years, but a whole new life, and a family of four we thought we’d never have.”

Dawn is married and has two sons of her own; Jake, a seven-year-old, and Ashton, who is three.

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