Taking Your Children to a Music Festival Doesn’t Have to Be a Total Drag

Ah, summertime. It’s that time of year where anything seems possible–the sun is shining, the ice cream trucks are prowling every corner, and there’s no shortage of music festivals to attend.

But one problem–what about the kids?

When you’re an adult, it can feel like summer is no longer a time of fun but rather a stretch of time similar to all others where you sweat profusely and your legs stick to your shorts a little more than you would like. When you have children, summer activities such as music festivals can feel like they’re out of reach. Who wants to deal with the trouble of finding a babysitter?

But luckily, more and more festivals are becoming kid friendly environment, where parents and children alike can groove to live tunes in the summer breeze.

Take Camp Bestival for example, a four-day music festival held in England’s Dorset coastline. The UK festival boasts a plethora of family-fun events, as well as reputable musical acts such as the Kaiser Chiefs and Ella Henderson.

And family fun festivals are happening stateside, too. Milwaukee’s Summerfest is a music festival that is notorious for offering a myriad of fun and engaging activities for adults and children alike.

Attending a music festival with your child this summer is a great way to bond in an interesting and stimulating way. Exposing your child to contemporary music acts may evoke a musical passion in them too and prove beneficial; when children are actively involved in music, they are likely have higher self esteem, and to perform better in subjects like reading and math.

To ensure a successful and family-friendly music festival venture, make sure to pack plenty of snacks, water and sunscreen. It can also be nice to double up with another family with children. That way, it’s likely that you’ll be able see a musical number or two on your own.

To prevent your child from ear damage, think about investing in noise protective head gear, which can be easily procured online.

Finally, don’t forget to have fun and embrace the experience. Bringing your children to a music festival is definitely a deviation from the normal routine, but it might be an adventure that turns into a long-lasting family tradition.

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