The Basics of a Thermal Chamber Rental

When you’ve developed a new product for your start-up business and want to test it in its natural environment, it’s best to use an environmental test chamber. However, these test chambers don’t come cheap. There are options available other than buying a test chamber. The YouTube video “Environmental test chamber basics” highlights important information. The video discusses what an environmental test chamber is and what it’s used for.

Video Source

Buying Versus Renting

There are two reasons to purchase an environmental test chamber. The first is if you continuously produce new products that need to be tested. The second is if your business is financially fit enough to afford one. However, if you only need it for a short period or to test one product, you should consider a thermal chamber rental.

Renting a thermal test chamber is much more affordable than buying one. Most thermal chamber rental companies rent out their thermal chambers for one month, up to twelve months at a time. You could arrange for a longer rental. Many rental companies may offer a maintenance plan with a technician’s service for rentals over twelve months. Maintenance may include calibration of the machine. You may also want to negotiate a discount if you intend to rent the equipment for a year or more. Most companies are happy to negotiate a discount for prolonged business.


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