The Secret to Connie Britton’s Gorgeous Hair? Feminism!

Woman with beautiful long hairOver the years, Connie Britton has become known for not just her acting, but for having one of the best heads of hair on television.

Whether she’s starring on “American Horror Story” or “Nashville,” Britton’s healthy, shiny ginger tresses have had audiences wondering how she gets her hair to look so gorgeous.

Well, audiences, wonder no more — because the secret is out.

“It’s feminism!” the actress exclaims in a new video, holding up a shampoo bottle with the word emblazoned across its front. “When used regularly, feminism has been known to produce amazing results.”

The commercial spoof, part of The Representation Project’s #AskHerMore campaign, is meant to provoke more thoughtful interview questions for female celebrities on the red carpet, The Tennessean reported on Sept. 12. By urging red carpet reporters to “go beyond appearance and ask women about their accomplishments,” they can be put on a level playing field with male celebrities — who are almost never asked about their hair or makeup.

In addition to giving you beautiful, glossy hair, some other “amazing results” of feminism include “a woman’s right to vote” and a “woman’s right to her own body,” as well as “a woman’s right to become a kick-ass athlete.” Even better? Positive side effects of a fresh bottle of feminism include Title IX, the right to have an abortion, the Violence Against Women act and “a culture where gender-based violence is considered unacceptable,” according to the video. Seems like it’s a win-win situation for everyone. says this isn’t the first time Britton has spoken out on behalf of gender equality. In the past, she has partnered with Planned Parenthood and campaigned alongside feminist political figures like Texas State Senator Wendy Davis. She has also received acclaim for her portrayals of strong female figures on both “Nashville” and “Friday Night Lights.”

So while the average woman will have about 104 different hairstyles throughout her lifetime, Britton insists: “It’s not what’s on my head. It’s what’s in it.”

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