“Up” House in Seattle to Be Moved To New Location

A Seattle home that locals refer to as the “Up” house — due to its similarity to the house in the Pixar movie — will soon be moved to a new location, but not by balloons.

Similar to that in the animated film, the house interrupts a series of industrial buildings, making it stand out on the Seattle city streets. The house had previously been slated for demolition in June, prompting the owner of the land to search for a non-profit organization to donate the house to.

The house, previously owned by Edith Macefield, caught the locals’ attention when Macefield refused to sell her land to developers. According to the US Census Bureau, 43 million Americans have had to relocate every year since 1980. While not all relocations are due to industry development, many homeowners have been forced out of their homes to make way for businesses. Macefield, however, refused to give in to industrialization.

Edith Macefield repeatedly turned down offers to vacate her home, despite offers that reached up to $750,000. Though Macefield passed away in 2008 due to pancreatic cancer, her legacy has lived on. Even today, locals have been attaching balloons to the fence around their house as a memorial to Edith and a tribute to the Pixar film.

The new owner of the land, Paul Thomas, had been looking for a new owner since Macefield’s death. Thomas held off selling the land to developers in order to uphold Macefield’s legacy, but was having difficulty finding someone who would buy the land without destroying the home.

Recently, a non-profit organization has stepped forward with plans to relocate the house to a safe location, immortalizing Macefield’s struggles against the big development companies. Once the house has been moved, Thomas will likely sell the land.


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