What Are the Steps in a Fire Sprinkler Inspection?

Whether it’s in your home or business, a fire sprinkler system is an important safety feature. And that makes fire sprinkler inspections an important piece of maintenance to cover on a regular basis. But what actually happens during a fire sprinkler inspection? Here’s a closer look at what happens during fire sprinkler inspection.

The first thing your fire inspection company will look at are the sprinkler heads themselves. They may perform a walkthrough of the property where your sprinkler system is installed to make sure that there’s no damage to the pipes or sprinkler heads.

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This is an important step because without functioning sprinkler heads, it’s impossible for your system to actually extinguish or suppress a fire.

Next, they’ll check the connection to the main water line. Whether you have a dry pipe system or a wet pipe system, a connection to the water line is essential for your fire sprinkler system’s functioning. It’s not really possible to put out or suppress a fire without a water source.

Having your system inspected on a regular basis can make a world of difference when it comes to the safety of your business or home and the people within.


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