What Happens During a Fire Sprinkler System Installation at Your Business?

The threat of fire is real and dangerous to your employees and company. When you are getting a new building constructed, you’ll need to install a fire sprinkler system. Here are some things you should know about a fire sprinkler system installation.

Your fire safety company will come to the job site to see the space before they even start designing. They will need layouts of the space in order to properly design the system according to safety codes in your area.

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They’ll use sprinkler design software to make sure that all regulations are followed.

During the installation, the whole area should be cleared. The sprinklers will be installed by your fire safety contractors under supervision from the contractors for the building. They’ll be tested and inspected before the team is done to be sure no revisions are needed. It’s also important to check different business insurance reviews to see if they can cover any water damage from sprinklers.

You don’t need to be onsite for this, but you might want to be. This way, you can see for yourself that the sprinklers are operational and ready to protect your business from fire. Call a company near you or talk to your contractor for a recommendation. Do this, and you won’t need to worry about fire in the future at your franchise business!

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