What Is a Pain Clinic?

If you have chronic pain, you may benefit from visiting a pain clinic. Pain clinics help people of all ages who are suffering from non-cancerous chronic pain, improve their lives. Keep reading to learn what a pain clinic is and how they work.

Since there is no cure for chronic pain, the goal of a pain clinic is to give people the tools they need to manage their pain. Whether it be medication, support, or an exercise regimen.

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Pain clinic doctors do this by teaming up with nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and more specialists to help with all aspects of chronic pain.

Things like group sessions, exercising, biofeedback, and support from others going through the same thing boost confidence. That’s why a pain clinic incorporates all of these things.

Pain clinics teach people they can tamper off medications, craft a plan to turn painful days into fulfilling days, and stop pain from ruining their lives. Overall, a pain clinic will not take your pain away, but it will give you all the resources you need to manage your pain and not let it overwhelm your life.

To learn more about pain clinics and the services they offer, watch the video above! To see if your FirstCare Health Plan covers pain clinics, get in contact with your insurance provider.


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