Women Are Growing Out Their Armpit Hair and Dyeing It

In a recent survey from Wayne State University, 96% of participating women said they removed their body hair, confirming a cultural trend many were already aware of.

At least, that used to be case. A new phenomenon has women growing out their armpit hair and dyeing it funky colors, such as bright pink, or neon green, and posting the photos to social media.

According to Live Journal, women have been dying their pits since 2008, but it didn’t become “mainstream” until Lady Gaga paired her aqua blue hair with aqua blue armpits on stage last year.

Roxie Hunt, a hairstylist from Seattle, posted a tutorial on YouTube, which has now gotten over 32,000 shares. Miley Cyrus has even gotten in on it, and shared photos of her own blonde and pink pits on Instagram.

“When I saw Miley Cyrus do it, I was like, I have to do this,” 20-year-old Meg Zulch told TODAY.com. “I have the armpit hair to do it, so I may as well.”

For many like Zulch, the idea is to spread a message of self-confidence and positive body image.

“People assume that when you grow out your armpit hair, you’re trying to be radical and showy of your feminism. … But it’s not about that,” said Zulch. “Dyeing is a trend, but being who you are, growing out your armpit hair, feminism, those aren’t trends.”

There’s even a site dedicated to women’s armpit hair, called Free Your Pits. It not only blogs about how armpit hair can empower women, but also features stories about why some women decide to grow their pit hair out, and in some cases, dye it.

“I find it really cute,” said vlogger Destiny Moreno in video, comparing her colorful underarms to a “fashion accessory.”

“We’re all conditioned to shame body hair,” she noted, “but it’s important to question why you think these things.”


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