Yet Another Man Gets Stuck In Duct, This Time At Dollar General

A police car rushes to the emergency call with lights turned onA story as old as ventilation has happened yet again. Erie, Pennsylvania police have rescued yet another would-be criminal from a yet another ventilation shaft.

Wearing nothing but his underwear, the man was rescued early last Saturday after the Dollar General manager opened the store to the sound of intense banging in the air ducts. Not knowing where the noise was coming from, he promptly called the police.

According to police, the man had tools on the roof that were used to pry open the heating vent. When he was pulled out, there were burns all over his body.

The man was arrested, according to Palm Beach Post, for attempting to break and enter the store.

When once ventilation systems were primarily found in stores like the one this man allegedly tried to break into, and rarely in homes, now ducted heating and cooling can be found in 90% of new homes.

The move toward centralized heating and cooling has been gradual, but steady. It reflects both the convenience and efficiency society strives for. With 90% adoption of ducting technology for HVAC, it is time to explore the next great thing in home ownership.

New smart technologies for the home will soon make controlling everything from temperature, humidity, and lighting to alarm systems and monitors possible from your phone. As this technology progresses, fully autonomous homes might be able to do all of your daily activities for you.

As our security and home defense systems become more complex and computerized, we might see a different strategy for burglaries in the future.

That could very well be the case, however, two things will likely never change. One: people will still try to break into buildings through air vents. Two: they will get stuck.

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