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Top Ten List of Worst Toys of 2014 for This Holiday Season

As shoppers head out in droves this holiday season, many of the gifts they’ll bring home will be, of course, toys. As CNBCreports, there are toy...

Revlon Hopes To Prove ‘Love Is On’ Their Side With New Campaign

Revlon is hoping their new “Love is on” campaign will¬†earn them more love from consumers.The “Love is on” campaign was announ...

Researchers Find Link Between Gum Disease and Kidney Disease

Gum disease isn’t just the most prevalent cause of tooth loss for adults — it might also adversely affect the health of one’s kidney...

How Marketers Will Have to Adjust SEO Tactics in 2015

Search engine optimization is not a science, and professionals in the industry must constantly change their tactics to adapt to rapid changes. Search ...

Burbank, CA Working to Preserve Nearly 80 Signs With Historic Value

Many of the historical items found throughout Burbank, CA don’t need signs to indicate where they are — as they are already signs themselv...

International Chef’s Day and the Diversifying Demographic of Food TV

Every October 20, foodies, home cooks, and professional chefs across the world celebrate International Chef’s Day. As the name implies, the day ...