Burbank, CA Working to Preserve Nearly 80 Signs With Historic Value

A company’s sign is even more important than ever these days. People’s interest in historic signs has only increased with time, because more people are able to see them. They might be curious about what signs looked like in the past, and they can now easily search for images of different signs online. Trends in corporate signs will vary, and they’ll often change slightly from era to era.

The cheap cardboard signs of today could still become fascinating cultural artifacts in the future. People who are interested in custom made store signs typically spend plenty of time thinking about how the signs will look. The font and the shape of the sign will all matter. Professionals at any experienced sign service will know that, and they’ll help their clients create excellent corporate signs of all kinds.

People who are looking for company signage ideas want their signs to look unique. At the same time, the sign should not look too distracting. It should also display the name of the business legibly and effectively enough. Creating that sort of balance usually takes experience and inspiration. Individuals who search ‘create my sign’ online won’t have to do all of the work themselves.

When you have a business in Burbank, it needs a flashy sign so that people notice it and want to do business with your company. There are many different kinds of business signs today, and choosing the best one can be difficult. With the cost of lighted business signs, some business owners want to avoid those signs and go with one that doesn’t light up. However, this means that the sign will be harder to see, especially at night. High quality signs are made from durable materials and look good enough to tempt patrons to enter your business.

There are many types of signs that every business needs both inside and outside. There are building wall signs, standing signs, window signs and more. If you need more company signage ideas, you can talk to a sign company and find out about the latest trends in business signs. The sign company can let you see business shop signs that may inspire a new design for your own business. You can then choose the materials that the sign will be made from, the size and shape of the sign, where it will be displayed and the words and pictures that will be printed on the sign.

Many of the historical items found throughout Burbank, CA don’t need signs to indicate where they are — as there are already signs themselves for businesses like the Smoke House, Safari Inn, Umami Burger and more.

According to the Burbank Leader, a recent survey found that there are nearly 80 signs located throughout the city’s commercial district, prompting many residents to urge the City Council to pass an ordinance that would encourage business owners to preserve the signs.

The survey, conducted over the summer, found 42 intact and unchanged signs that date to pre-1969 times; these signs have been designated as “Tier 1.” The city’s 37 “Tier 2” signs also date prior to 1969, but have been modified since their original installations. According to the Burbank Leader, the Tier 1 signs likely qualify for the city’s criteria for historic designation.

“Restoring signs is all about striking a balance between giving businesses a voice and a chance to promote themselves all while maintaining uniqueness and preserving the historic value of a town.” says Bill Hayes, President of Sign Dealz. “Sign companies have a big role in helping municipalities maintain the look and feel of their historic districts.”

Presently, the City of Burbank has nothing in place to help businesses preserve their pieces of the city’s history — in fact, according to city associate planner Amanda Landry, the city sometimes prevents sign restorations by requiring older signs to lose their “grandfather” status, which protects them against modern codes, if they are removed for repair.

The proposed ordinance would allow business owners to repair their historic signs as needed without fear of the modern-day building codes that the signs might otherwise violate, the Burbank Leader reports.

Landry told the Burbank Leader that the ordinance will have to go through a public hearing and review by the planning board before the City Council can approve it.

Having these old signs and things like old-style patio doors helps Burbank maintain a small town feel, despite it’s proximity to one of the most glamourous places in the world. Burbank area businesses are working to keep that old classic Hollywood charm by focusing on the signage that dots the community.andnbsp; The emphasis on the aesthetics of the community, particularly the desire to preserve the historical elements that are visible to passersby, extended from local businesses to the homeowners. Burbank area homeowners are also encouraged to preserve the design elements of their homes that make them unique, as opposed to going for a hyper modern look.

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