How Marketers Will Have to Adjust SEO Tactics in 2015

Search engine optimization is not a science, and professionals in the industry must constantly change their tactics to adapt to rapid changes. Search engines are always changing algorithms, and user habits keep evolving.

SEO is set to change in several ways going into 2015, and with 75% of users no longer scrolling past the first page of search results, it will be crucial for marketers to stay on top of the trends as we roll over into the new year.

So what can we expect to see?

The increasing popularity of mobile devices for web browsing is set to shift the way we look at SEO in the near future. Strategies that target mobile devices will have to differ from strategies that target desktop users.

For instance, most people who use their phones to perform a search are on the go, usually looking for a place of local interest nearby. This means that local search will become increasingly important. Local businesses should do their best to target local search traffic, drawing attention to their location through strategic use of website tags and headers. Even large corporations could benefit from targeting major city centers or the town where their headquarters is located.

Content can also be targeted locally, but blogs with clumsily inserted geo-targeted keywords aren’t likely to help as much as you think they might. This is because of another major change with mobile search: the rise of voice recognition apps.

Voice recognition is becoming increasingly sophisticated, and as a result, users are inputting more conversational queries knowing that they can get better results. Instead of “roof replacement new jersey,” a searcher might ask “what’s the best roof replacement company near me?” and so on. Targeting more conversational phrases and providing useful answers will be a great way to increase your web presence.

In addition to mobile search, marketers will still have to focus on content marketing and Google algorithm updates.

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