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Dentist Says Indiana Man is Lying About Unauthorized Removal of All His Teeth

A recent news story tells the gruesome tale of an unfortunate Indiana man who had all of his teeth removed against his will by a crazy dentist. That d...

Earth Day 2016: 155 Countries to Sign Historic Climate Change Agreement

April 22, 2016 will be a historic day for the world of global climate consideration. Most people are probably aware that that is Earth Day, but this y...

Millennials Are Changing the Global Face of Banks

Banks are changing, even if they might not want to. And it turns out that you can thank Millennials for that.Following the financial crisis of 2008, b...

South Korean Poultry Farm Stricken with Bird Flu after Being Free of the Virus for Four Months

The U.S. has largely forgotten about the bird flu since its brief scare over a decade ago, but recent outbreaks of the virus in other countries have f...

Kennedy and Hemingway Revealed as Featured Speakers at Mental Health Symposium

This year is shaping up to be a very good one for mental health awareness. Patrick J. Kennedy and Mariel Hemingway have both been announced as keynote...

New Treatment May Relieve Phantom Limb Pain in Amputees

A newly discovered freezing technique may prove to reduce phantom limb pain experienced by many amputees. Recent statistics show that approximately 4....

Google Keyboard for iPhone is in the Works

Google is reportedly developing a keyboard for iOS devices that adds the functionality of a search engine, encouraging more users to take advantage of...

Australian Scientists Invent Self-Cleaning Clothes

A team of scientists in Australia have developed a textile that cleans itself. Over recent years, scientists have been working to create self-cleaning...

Employers are Now Including Student Loan Repayment Among Company Benefits

Certain companies may have figured out a way to retain Millennial employees — by including loan repayment as part of their business’ benef...