Dentist Says Indiana Man is Lying About Unauthorized Removal of All His Teeth

A recent news story tells the gruesome tale of an unfortunate Indiana man who had all of his teeth removed against his will by a crazy dentist. That dentist is now speaking up, and he claims that it is all a lie.

Dr. Aaron Strickland of White River Dental claims that he did, in fact, present his patient with a consent form for a full-mouth tooth extraction. Evidence reveals that Mr. Donny Grigsby signed the document on March 15, despite Grigsby’s claim that had only consented to the removal of four of his teeth. The patient and his wife have reached out to local news sources, saying that they are seeking a lawsuit against the dentist.

Strickland stated that after reviewing Grigsby’s X-rays, he found that 27 out of the patient’s 28 teeth were decayed beyond repair and that an infection was spreading throughout his mouth. He presented his patient with two treatment options, of which Grigsby chose the second: to have a full mouth extraction and fitting for dentures.

Grigsby was sedated during the procedure, and due to complications was rushed to the hospital. He claims that the dentist overdosed him; however, Strickland argues that the complications were caused by a reaction to the patient’s blood thinners, which he had failed to mention ahead of time.

“Had Mr. Grigsby been truthful about his past medical history and medications, I would have sent him home with a prescription for an antibiotic and referred him to an oral surgeon for the procedure,” says Dr. Strickland.

Unfortunately for the dentist, the damage to his reputation has been done, causing him to lose between 10 and 15 patients per day since the Grigsbys went public with their lawsuit.

As many as 3 million people in the United States currently have dental implants, but few can say they have been through an ordeal quite like this one. What really happened between the patient and the dentist is still under investigation, but the outcome does not look promising for anyone involved.

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