American Commuters Hope ‘Dump the Pump Day’ Will Quell High Gas Prices

According to data company Inrix, the average American commuter wastes about 42 hours in traffic each year at a cost of a whopping $1,400 in gas. As gas prices continue to rise, this is becoming even more an issue for every American driver.

CBS News reports that this summer will be extremely expensive for drivers of all kinds, adding an average of nearly $70 per month to fill up the gas tank compared with last year’s gas prices.

Through Labor Day, national gas prices increased from $2.85 to $3.05 and several states across the country are already seeing gas stations all over selling fuel for well above $3. In fact, across the United States, 25% of all gas stations have prices above $3 per gallon, compared with only 5% a year ago.

“Motorists can expect to spend at least $250 more on gas this season, but that won’t stop them from traveling,” said AAA spokesperson Jeanette Casselano. “[Some] may pinch pennies by eating out less or finding more free family-fun activities while on vacation.”

In Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, and California, 100% of gas stations are currently selling gas for more than $3.01 per gallon.

With the national need to improve air quality along with the high gas prices across the country, an annual “Dump the Pump” event will be held on June 21, as part of the American Public Transportation Association’s (APTA) campaign to ditch driving to and from work and focus on public transit and other travel methods in stead.

Every 5 mph you reduce your highway speed, you increase fuel economy by 7%. This year’s Dump the Pump Day will be the 13th year in a row.

“Every day should be Dump the Pump Day,” added Julia Schick, director of communications in Laketran.

According to the APTA, the average annual savings for a person who switches his or her daily commute from driving to taking public transportation is roughly $10,160.

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