Angry Sanitation Worker in Moldova Stages One-Man Political Protest With Tons of Poo

garbage truckIt’s said that if a corporate workplace isn’t cleaned regularly, absenteeism can increase by nearly 50%. But one disgruntled sanitation worker in Moldova decided that the entire Liberal Democratic Party needed to be kept out of the office — so he used his resources to make it happen.

CCTV footage recently captured an unidentified man driving a sanitation truck up to the office building of Moldova’s ruling party, stopping the truck in front of the doorway, and then releasing a flood of human excrement onto the steps of the ornate building, sprayed out through the hose fixed to the top of the truck.

At one point, the man steps out of the truck so that he can point the hose directly at the main door of the building. All in all, he sprayed about three tons of filth onto the building, which is located in the capital city of Chisinau.

According to the Mirror, it’s believed that the incident occurred on October 11 and was part of a political protest against the recent re-election of Prime Minister Valeriu Stretlet. The Washington Post reported that Moldovan authorities stated that the driver is facing a fine of $258 for his protest.

Believe it or not, this is possibly one of the least threatening events for Moldovan politicians; the country is considered to be one of the poorest nations in Europe right now, and the Liberal Democratic Party has received much of the blame for Moldova’s failing economy.

The Atlantic even went as far as to call Moldova “the scariest country on Earth” recently, citing an Associated Press report that has tied criminal networks in Moldova to extremist organizations in the Middle East; according to the report, these networks in the impoverished Eastern European country have created a “thriving black market” by providing “nuclear materials” to groups like ISIS.

Perhaps some of those nuclear materials include human excrement, since it seems like Moldova has plenty of that.

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