Roofing Industry Booms as El Nino Looms in California

Man working on the new roofMeteorologists and climatologists alike have been warning for months about the potential adverse conditions on the horizon in the west when El Nino hits this winter. While the wet weather will certainly cause problems for many homeowners and property managers, it’s having a positive impact on at least one part of the economy right now. According to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, roofing and gutter cleaning companies in the area are experiencing a boom in business as worried residents prepare for the oncoming onslaught.

“This El Nino will be a stud, not a dud,” said Bill Patzert, a NASA climatologist. “The roof and gutter people are in heaven right now.”

With all reports indicating it could be a rough winter weather wise, many people have decided it’s time to stop putting off their roof repair or replacement. Derek Gonzalez is one of the fortunate business owners of Immaculate Roofing Company in Woodland Hills, CA.

“I’m having the best season of my life,” Gonzalez said. “It’s insane. The last time it rained we got 52 calls, and that didn’t include all the requests for estimates that came through our website. We’re booked up through the end of November, so I don’t think I can accept any more work.”

He says people are genuinely worried about the upcoming El Nino forecast. The phones started ringing in early July and have only increased as the season approaches.

Another aspect people should be aware and attentive to is the condition of their gutters. Depending on the type, amount, and location of trees surrounding a home they should be cleaned out at least two times a season. For houses next to trees that shed a lot, like pine, gutters should be cleaned at least four times a year.

“It’s essential that people clean out their gutters,” said Robin Smith, owner of J.N. Davis Roofing Company. “Many times we’ll get calls for leaks because the gutters and drain pipes are backed up and water puddles and gets under the roof.”

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