Bono Seen Out For First Time Since Central Park Bike Accident

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There are some risks associated with riding road bikes. However, for the most part, bike riding is safe. Many people ride bikes for years without any issues at all. Bike riders usually just need to make sure that they wear helmets and ride safely.

While biking has been popular for a long time, a particularly large number of people are interested in it today. People are looking for efficient ways of getting more exercise, and biking certainly qualifies. Bicycles also do not produce pollution or consume fossil fuel.

Riding a bike consistently can help people promote sustainability. While bikes won’t move as quickly as cars, it’s still possible to travel efficiently by using bicycles. More people today want to get bikes, and plenty of companies have made bikes for all customers available at relatively low costs.

The bicycle price in USA varies. Bikes from almost any custom bike company might be somewhat more expensive than other bikes, but this isn’t an issue for many bike customers. They can get additional bicycle supplies online after getting custom bikes. The bike shop suppliers should have everything that most people need. Bicycles are still relatively simple machines, and they won’t require all that many accessories.

U2 lead singer Bono was seen out and about on the streets of Dublin this past Saturday for the first time since his serious November bicycle crash in Manhattan’s Central Park. The 54-year-old singer was well-covered, donning a camouflage hat, aviator sunglasses, and a large coat covering his broken arm.

Bono sustained several major injuries after a bicycle accident in Central Park on November 16. He crashed while attempting to avoid another biker on the path, fracturing his left eye socket, three places in his left shoulder blade, the pinky finger on his left hand and his left elbow.

The injuries were so severe that Bono had to undergo two surgeries to put his bones back in place and insert screws to keep his elbow intact. He was treated at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center and Hospital for Special Surgery by Dr. Dean Lorich, according to Yahoo!.

The band was scheduled to do a weeklong stint on The Tonight Show starting that day, but had to reschedule after Bono’s spill. They also had to work quickly to replace their frontman for a World AIDS Day concert on December 1 in Times Square. Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin and Bruce Springsteen both stepped in for Bono so that the concert would not have to be cancelled.

Bono’s doctor expects him to make a full recovery but said that the singer would require intensive physical therapy.

During a radio interview, The Edge, U2’s guitarist, described Bono’s recovery from the traumatic incident, saying that “he managed to come out of it with what you can only describe as injuries from a car crash, literally multiple fractures of bones in his elbow and his back. But he’s doing OK. We’re kind of lucky he was wearing a helmet, so he didn’t actually break Central Park. He’s made of tough stuff and he’s bouncing back.”

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Biking is becoming a more popular mode of transportation in the United States, and although it is a great form of exercise and helps reduce pollution, it comes with its fair share of risks. Even though only 1% of all U.S. road trips are by bike, bicyclists are at a much higher risk for crash-related injuries and death.

To avoid serious injuries (or worse), bicyclists should follow the rules of the road, always wear a helmet (even if it’s not required by law) and be well aware of surrounding traffic.

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