How New Yorkers Are Getting Creative With Their Nuptials

There’s no place on earth quite like New York City — to get married.

When some 180 marriages take place on any given day in the Big Apple, New Yorkers are increasingly using their imaginations when planning their nuptials. The resulting wedding ceremonies are truly incredible.

Take the November 28 wedding of Hector Irakliotis, 26, and Tatyana Sandler, 25, which took place on the N train. The couple exchanged their vows as the train passed over the Manhattan Bridge, the city skyline serving as a backdrop for the (literally) moving ceremony.

According to the New York Daily News, the couple decided to get married on the N train because of how much time they spent riding this subway line together while dating.

“In New York, you spend so much time on the train, we thought why not?” Irakliotis said.

New Yorkers Josh and Ting Li chose to break tradition by getting married at the 5th Avenue Apple Store, with the ceremony conducted like a flash mob performance, according to a December 14 article on The couple celebrated their love for Apple products by having their rings delivered on a now-obsolete first-generation iPod.

However, the couple’s undeniable affection for all things Apple couldn’t overshadow their commitment to each other. They exchanged vows on cards emblazoned with an iPhone that bore the message “I love you more than this.”

No matter when or where one gets married in the five boroughs, there are virtually endless possibilities for a wedding ceremony in the city that never sleeps. These weddings are both intensely personal events and inclusive of the public — and are all ceremonies unlike any seen before.

When choosing your perfect wedding venue, don’t rule out New York City. The possibilities for a wedding in this city only run out when your imagination does.

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