Carpet Removal Begins at Portland International Airport

UPDATED 11/10/20

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Today marks the end of an era, as the Portland International Airport (PDX) begins the removal of its iconic carpet. First installed in 1987, the teal carpet was designed with red, purple, and blue lines and squares meant to represent the airport as seen from above. At first, the carpet mostly went unnoticed, but as the years went by, it started to gain a following.

The PDX carpet has its own Twitter account, captioned “I’m the hideous beauty under your traveling pants,” which mostly favorites and retweets photos of the carpet from other users, often adding witty commentary. In addition to its Twitter, the carpet is featured on two separate Facebook pages, and the #PDXCarpet hashtag is active on both Twitter and Instagram. Users have turned to these outlets to express their displeasure with the carpet’s removal. Twitter user @dtboyd had this to say in response to assertions that passengers may appreciate the new carpet: “@flypdx You can try to sell that one but the real @pdxcarpet is an original and part of our travel fabric. Can’t wait to see it in 5 hours.”

Fans of the PDX carpet are not limited to just venting their frustrations through social media, however. The iconic carpet pattern can be found adorning merchandise such as t-shirts, socks, notebooks, and mugs. Oregon brewery Rogue Ales and Spirits recently showed their appreciation for the carpet through the creation of a new beer: PDX Carpet IPA. The label shows — what else? — a view of shoes on the iconic carpet.

One of the most popular flooring choices, carpet is used to cover 70% of the floors in the United States. That number may rise exponentially if projects of this magnitude grow more popular. The carpet replacement is expected to take approximately 11 months and cost $13 million, as the current carpet spans 13 acres of airport floor.

Port of Portland spokesman Steve Johnson says no one expected the kind of attention the carpet receives. Fellow spokesperson Annie Linstrom feels optimistic about the new carpet, however.

“The Port hopes that travelers will grow to appreciate elements of the new carpet design over time, just as much as the old,” she told Portland Monthly magazine. And who knows? Maybe in 28 years, there will be an equal protest about the new carpet’s replacement.

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