Meghan Trainor’s Lips Are Movin’ About Her Hair Extensions

UPDATED 10/28/20

The world got to know emerging pop songstress Meghan Trainor thanks to her earworm of a hit, “All About That Bass” — but it turns out she’s also all about her hair extensions.

In a recent interview with Glamour, Trainor dished the deets on her new favorite beauty secret and how fabulous her long, thick platinum locks make her feel.

“I love my extensions,” Trainor gushed. “I was never allowed to dye my hair or get highlights or extensions. My first extensions ever were for the ‘Bass’ video, and it was a whole new world. I felt more powerful. I love my extensions, and I don’t mind talking about them.”

Trainor is far from being the only one to embrace the length and body that extensions can give to one’s hair, however. Demand for these extensions is higher than ever, thanks to countless stars — from Kim Kardashian to Jessica Simpson — using hair extensions to switch up their styles. The Professional Beauty Association estimates that the number of hair salons offering hair extensions has risen by 28.5% in just the last two years alone.

And women of every race and ethnicity are able to use extensions to make their hair look its best. More than a third — 34% of all women use hair extensions as part of their daily beauty regime, regardless of race. Studies have shown that about six out of 10 black consumers regularly wear weaves or hair extensions to add more length and fullness to their hair.

Yet in many cases, you wouldn’t be able to tell whether a woman was wearing hair extensions even if you asked her. A recent study revealed that 87% of women who use hair extensions don’t admit to wearing them! And apart from fellow pop starlet Ariana Grande, few female celebrities openly discuss their hair extensions.

“No one talks about (hair extensions), but everyone’s got ’em,” Trainor said.

It’s no surprise that Trainor is so open about her own extensions, given the fact that she’s so confident with admitting she’s a size 12 and her biggest hit encourages women to embrace their beauty no matter their size. Her refreshing honesty might just be the thing that gets more women talking more openly about their extensions!

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