Empanada Mama in Hell’s Kitchen Burned Down Because of the Jonas Blizzard

UPDATED 11/20/20

The popular Hell’s Kitchen establishment Empanada Mama went up in flames recently during a four-alarm fire — and because of the snow that winter storm Jonas brought into New York City, firefighters had a pretty hard time containing the fire.

According to CBS News and the New York Post, the fire broke out in Empanada Mama on Ninth Avenue between West 51st and West 52nd Streets, on Sunday, Jan. 24 at 8:45 a.m.

Firefighters arrived at the scene in no time but they encountered a major problem: because Jonas had dumped so much snow on NYC sidewalks that weekend, they had to locate the fire hydrants under piles of snow before putting out the fire.

New York City had just experienced a record-breaking 26.9 inches of snow the day before.

Had the hydrants not been buried during the sudden blizzard, it’s likely that Empanada Mama would have been salvageable. Considering that the fire broke out on a Sunday morning — while the peak time for stovetop fires is between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. — crews were able to respond quickly.

PIX 11 News reported that the fire started in the restaurant’s boiler room. Everyone was safely evacuated from the building and there were no injuries, but by the time fire crews were able to access the hydrants and put out the flames, the entire storefront was gutted.

The fire was put out by 11 a.m. but by that time, it was too late for Empanada Mama. Residents quickly began expressing their sorrow on social media.

The Empanada Mama’s fire is one of the biggest house fire ever to be reported during the winter. The fire evoked a lot of feelings on social media platforms. The big fire news was all over social media as people sympathized with the damage that it caused. All that the business has to deal with is fire damage restoration. They are lucky that everyone was evacuated before the fire could spread to the storefront. The average heat of fire could not have caused so much damage if Jonas had not dumped snow on the sidewalks. The Empanada Mama fire is an awakening call about the damage that fires could have during the snow period.

fire result

The snow piled on the sidewalks could be a huge hindering factor in the operations of firefighters. In extreme cases, the fire could spread to the neighboring areas, thus causing more devastating impacts. A fire can occur at any time. If you want to know about “any incidents near me,” you can search it on social media. The various platforms have become the fastest ways of spreading news. Therefore, be on the lookout for all that is happening around you. This way, you will evade being caught up in fire incidences.

Getting help after a fire result can be a hassle. Does the roof need repair or replacement? In some situations, the fire damage necessitates the reconstruction of the building. The first step when planning a fire damage repair is determining the extent of the damage. The removal of soot and debris should also be done. Personal possessions that are too damaged to restore should be removed. Eliminate excess water and dry wet surfaces (if any). Then it should be deeply cleaned and stains removed.

How to get house fire help

fire damage repair

In case of a fire outbreak, you need to seek help. Where do you get house fire help? The first person you should seek assistance from is the fire department. Always ensure you have the fire safety phone number of your area in case of a fire emergency—no need to worry if you do not the contact details. Visit the fire safety website that contains various contact information of the fire department near you. Secondly, call your immediate neighbors. You should call utility providers (electric, water, and gas) and inform them of the fire. Inform family members of the accidents as well as your loved ones or the people close to you. Ensure the safety of every member of the affected place.

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