Estimating For Asphalt Shingles

In this video, you will learn about making a roof estimate. Making an estimate can be hard. You don’t want to high ball it, but you also don’t want to low ball it.

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You want to keep the business, but you don’t want to lose money. The key is to be profitable. There is a basic checklist to follow. Material cost is going to be first. Depending on the material- there is shingles or metal. You’ll also need paint, screws, tools, etc. Labor cost is also going to be a big part of this. Labor cost is something to keep in mind when giving an estimate. An easier way to give an estimate to a customer is with a checklist. You’ll outline the general price of the material and labor and then give the customer the sheet to review. At the end, your goal is to stay under or at that price. Still making money and being profitable is important. Some people might ask for a text or email estimate. If this is the case, you want to have this sheet available to fill out on an online version. You’ll need to make measurements before giving the estimates.

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