How the Bail System Works

The legal system can be awfully complicated. There are many subcategories for different areas of the law that can be overwhelming. However, if you find yourself being arrested, the process starts out the same no matter the crime. Upon arrest, you will be given a court date by the judge. With that, most of the time, you are given a set amount of bail that you are able to post.

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Bail ensures that you will return for your scheduled court date while being freed from custody for the time being. It can get complicated however if you are unable to afford bail. When this happens, you can enlist bail bonds services to cover your bail in exchange for a fee. This video will go in-depth into how the bail system functions.

The rate that bail bonds services charge tends to be pretty consistent. It can vary by state, but an estimated 10% of the posted amount is generally what is charged. The jail system can rely on these services to alleviate the already stressed legal system.

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