Freezing Temperatures Beginning to Set in Across the U.S. after Warm Start to Winter

Most of the U.S. enjoyed a mild start to winter this year, but cities all around the country are beginning to experience the harsh reality of freezing temperatures.

While the South and most of the West Coast typically avoid the brunt of cold temperatures during winter, it is beginning to get a bit nippy in some notoriously warm cities.

Local Texas affiliate 12 News Now recently updated Beaumont-Port Arthur residents on what to expect in coming weeks. From Feb. 5 to Feb. 9, temperatures will remain in the upper 20s, which is quite cold for a region that has grown accustomed to constant sunshine.

Sandy Springs, GA, another warm-weather city, is also beginning to experience some unusually cold temperatures. reported a mixture of snow and rain in the latest weekly forecast for the city, with temperatures reaching a freezing low of 28 degrees.

The warm start to winter was great for most people, but clothing retailers saw a major downturn in the sales of winter gear. The Detroit Free Press noted that winter vests from Calvin Klein, an upscale retailer, are currently marked down from $89.50 to $17 because of the warm weather.

Many savvy shoppers invest in linen clothing to stay comfortable all year long, regardless of what the temperature may be. According to some studies, a person wearing linen clothes perspires 1.5 times less than when dressed in cotton or viscose clothes. Meanwhile, linen is also an ideal warmth-keeper in cold weather.

The Detroit Free Press also argued that the warm start to winter was actually bad for everyone, from retailers to consumers. Shivering burns calories, and when temperatures are mild, people shiver less.

Additionally, those who are self-conscious about their weight have nowhere to hide their belly bulge. Since most people wear t-shirts when it’s warm outside, they couldn’t take advantage of big sweaters that conceal extra weight.

Temperatures are now beginning to drop, so it’s time to pack away the flip-flops and swimsuits. However, if the past couple of months are any indication, it may be wise to keep them accessible in case the warm weather returns.

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