Health Expert Begs Bacon For Life Winners To Take Lump Sum Instead

Six weeks ago the Hoosier Lottery launched “Bringing Home The Bacon,” a scratch-off lotto ticket with an unusual, and dangerous, grand prize — a lifetime supply of bacon. And the new Indiana ticket isn’t just a scratch-off ticket, it’s also scratch-and-sniff (yes, it smells like bacon). Although, to be precise, grand prize winners will actually only receive a 20-year supply of bacon.

But Christy Tunnell, president of the Indiana Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, says that for anyone who actually did consume the 55.7 pounds of bacon winnings (per year), 20 more years might be an ambitious life expectancy. That works out to 12 grams of fat every day. Fortunately, winners can also choose to accept their winnings in the form of a lump sum or annuity. And that’s a cash payment, not meat.

“A pound of bacon a week is a bit much for the idea that everything can be enjoyed in moderation,” Tunnell said. “I would highly recommend a lump sum of cash. That way, if the winner wanted to enjoy some bacon, again in moderation, they could use some of the money to do that…Don’t feel as though you have to consume a pound of bacon a week by yourself.”

Of course, taking a lump sum or annuity payment comes with drawbacks, as well. Experts say annuity payments usually come with annual fees of 3%; moreover, they’re also subject to income taxes, too.

The lottery ticket was born from a collaboration with the Hoosier Lottery and industry group Indiana Pork, which represents 3,000 pig farmers in Indiana. Each ticket includes fun facts about pork and bacon. Indiana isn’t the only state experimenting with unusual lottery payout options — a proposed New Jersey lottery would feature a so-called “Golden Ticket,” which would pay off the winners’ student loan debts.

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