How Implicit Bias Police Training Can Improve Community Interactions

Sometimes, the police treat black people differently from how they treat white people. Arguably, this is a moot point that some people find challenging to believe. However, cops need to discuss how implicit bias can shape non-conscious decisions, not who is to blame. Usually, implicit bias happens without any active evildoer. Therefore, finger-pointing is not important.

Video Source

In this video, Jennifer Eberhardt, the author of “Biased,” says that to avoid implicit bias, the police should not let their brains and culture get in the way of their decision-making. Together with other experts, Jennifer takes police officers through implicit bias police training.

In implicit bias police training, officers form their ways of communicating with other cops about how implicit bias can distort their choices. POne way is to look at statistics. For example, there is a higher rate of error for black targets than for white targets when the person is holding a gun or something innocuous that looks like a weapon.


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