How to Use Hose Clamps For Plumbing

Hose clamps for plumbing are useful in many ways. They are great at connecting piping together or fastening it to a certain metal part.

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Without hose clamps, pipes would not have a secure fitting. This would result in leaks and other issues. In this video, you will learn how to use hose clamps for plumbing.

Start by looking for the right size hose clamp. They come in various sizes and makes. Steel clamps tend to be the best. You will want to find a hose clamp that is not too large or too small for your pipes. If you are not sure, you could always purchase an adjustable hose clamp. Just remember that it is better to have a larger adjustable hose clamp than one that is too small.

Once you have your hose clamp, place it around the pipe that you want to fasten. Then, take a tool such as a screwdriver and screw the hose clamp until it is firmly tight on the pipe. You may need a special hose clamp screwdriver because they can be tough to fasten at times. Just like that, you will have a pipe that is securely fastened.


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