This Minecraft Mod Overhauls Fishing

Fishing is one of the more relaxing venture in Minecraft. Sometimes, fishing is just what you need after a long day of gathering resources, slaying monsters, and building magnificent buildings. There is really nothing better than hanging out with some friends and fishing on your very own server. If you haven’t experienced this for yourself, you should really look into Minecraft server hosting services. They offer a number of different hosting options for both vanilla and modded servers.

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Speaking of modded servers, there is a Minecraft mod that you simply must try.

Aquaculture 2 is a popular Minecraft mod that overhauls fishing. It adds dozens of new fish into the game. However, it also adds new ways to catch fish. Different tiers of rods can now be crafted. Much like how there are iron, gold, and diamond pickaxes, there are now iron, gold, and diamond fishing rods. Each is slightly better than the previous. There are also a number of baits and bobbers that can be applied to these rods to apply different modifiers. Some may make you catch fish faster while others may increase the chance of finding treasure. There is even a whole new set of armor called Neptunium Armor.


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