Insane Toothbrush Might Clean Teeth in 3 Seconds

A futuristic new toothbrush claims the capability to clean your teeth in as little as three seconds.

This might sound unrealistic, and perhaps a bit ridiculous, but brace yourself, because Unico claims that it could clean your teeth in only 1.87 seconds — but they increased the time just to be safe.

News Atlas quotes Unico’s Kickstarter page, which claims the increased time is “to give you the time to at least quickly do your hair or spray on some perfume while you are using it.”

The hope for rapid brushing devices is that they will incentivize better brushing habits. Seeing as about one tenth of individuals admit that they regularly forget to brush their teeth, these products might one day find a niche.

And it seems they have already made a splash. The Kickstarter campaign has raised $600,000, exceeding the original goal of under $90,000.

Despite valid concerns about the mechanical and theoretical efficacy of the supersonic tooth scrubber, there’s something bigger at play.

Fancy potentially fake toothbrushes aside, it’s clear that the demand for innovative health technology and medical devices is fairly high. In fact, it seems the consumer health industry as a whole is booming.

Forbes reports statistics that reflect the truth in these claims. The global market for health and wellness was $686 billion as of 2016 data and is projected to reach $815 billion by 2021.

For once, millennials won’t be placed at fault for ruining the world. Instead, they might get a little credit for contributing to the wellness trend. As a demographic, millennials are defined as having been born between 1980 and 1999. These individuals overwhelmingly prefer experiences to possessions, with 72% agreeing. This reflects a more holistic approach to consumption, something that translates well to eating habits.

Ordering healthy food in restaurants is something that 67% of millennials say they love to do.

The underlying holistic health trends seem to be what is driving the health market today, and millennials are at the helm.

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