Leggings, Short Skirts and Pajamas Top Offenders for School Dress Codes

School dress codes are back in the news again, this time in New Jersey at a career preparatory school.

Students and parents allege that teachers unfairly targeted students and made them into examples at Warren County Technical School. Girls were told they were dressed inappropriately for wearing items like leggings or shorts that were even longer than gym shorts.

Further, some of the teachers even told the teens that their parents had “failed them” by letting them out of the house dressed that way, according to one upset parent.

Yet Superintendent Robert Glowacky, who oversees the Franklin Township district, points out that the school is only trying to prepare students for the real world by placing such limits one them.

“We’re a career academy. We’re preparing people for careers,” the superintendent said. “If you want us to train your child for a career, this is part of it.”

He went on to say that some dress code violations should be fairly obvious to parents.

“Who would’ve thought that I would have to put in the student handbook that you can’t wear pajamas and slippers to school,” Glowacky exclaimed.

At least 74% of Americans wear pajamas to bed, ranging from the mundane, shorts and tees, to the ultimate in comfort, like pajama onesies for adults. Those options are fine, according to school officials, but only as long as they stay at home.

This isn’t the first time that students have been singled out for dress code violations, sometimes for items that seem fairly innocuous.

One Florida teen was humiliated when she was told to change after wearing a skirt to school that was considered “too short.” She was ordered to either go home or wear what her mother called a “shame suit,” consisting of a red sweatpants and a neon yellow t-shirt with the words “dress code violation” stamped across the front.

In January, a 16-year-old girl at Lone Peak High School in Highland UT was told to cover up her shoulders at a school dance, even though her dress fell below the knee, had wide shoulder straps, and didn’t contain a plunging neckline.

Other clashes over dress codes have gone viral in recent months, often with a picture of the “objectionable” outfit — further illustrating the rift between school administrators and teenagers.

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