Live streaming a Funeral Service

In this video, you will learn when can you live stream a funeral service. Funeral services are hard to host virtually. During the pandemic, it makes it difficult to gather. If we use media to our advantage, we can allow people to see the funeral virtually.

Video Source

To create a private funeral viewing group, you can use Facebook. Login to your page and scroll down to “see more.” You can create a group on Facebook and invite the people you want to be viewing the funeral. People can also request to join. Options will come up and you can select settings. There will be options to show the groups tab on and off. After it is on, click “save” and return back to your page. Once you return back to your page, click “see more.” The group’s button is there and you can create the group from there. You can name the group whatever you like. Generally, it is after the family. Under “select privacy,” you can make it public or private. Check the option to make it visible or hidden. Create the group. Now that the group has been created, you can personalize it by adding a photo.

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