New Energy Waste Calculator Determines a Fan’s Efficiency

The Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) has introduced its new AMCA Fan Energy Waste Calculator.

Under-performing industrial fans can often use too much energy, emit carbon gases and jack up energy expenses. In hopes of changing the fan industry and providing a more energy-efficient workplace, the new Fan Energy Waste Calculator will be able to determine any negative effects before it’s too late.

According to ArchNews, the new device can estimate the amount of wasted electricity resulting from fans that are operating with much higher energy levels than needed. The data can then be used along with the Certified Rating Program to communicate information to its members and the rest of the industry.

The web-based calculator can determine:

  • The amount of unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions in tons.
  • The annual kilowatt hours of total wasted energy.
  • The annual cost of wasted energy depending on the average commercial electricity rate.

The calculator has been programmed in 34 countries, and the AMCA hopes to increase the global use.

“With a few simple clicks, it is easy to make a data-driven argument for the use of cost-effective, energy efficient, AMCA-certified fans,” Nazme Mohsina, developer of the device, said. “AMCA’s new Fan Energy Waste Calculator helps users better understand the cost of inefficiency.”

If cooling tower fans are determined too inefficient — resulting in higher costs and dangerous carbon emissions — installing high-efficiency motors can reduce the energy usage by up to 8%.

Industry-wide, this new calculator technology can be used by contractors, engineers, and any other worker who is looking to reduce their carbon footprint, lower their energy costs, and have more energy-efficient systems.

The AMCA Certified Ratings Program independently verifies the fan performance data of the manufacturer, makes sure that the information is calculated correctly, and presents it to the user based on the test results.

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