Shipping Container Homes Provide An Affordable Housing Option In San Diego

Are you wondering how to weigh and print shipping labels? Well, the process has become easy. Thanks to technology, you can create a label online and have an item delivered to its exact location. Making houses from shipping containers has become one of the most common trends used by people in 2020. All that an individual needs to do is ship the container to the exact location where they intend to use it in constructing a house.

If you are wondering how to write your own shipping label, there are plenty of shipping services that can help you with that. Alternatively, you can write the label online and have it used by the mailing shipping services to deliver your product. Shipping might experience delays, but you can be assured to get your good in the long run. All that you need to do is make the correct label to ensure that the item does not end up in the wrong location. If such happens, it might be challenging to follow up until the item is brought back to you. Once something has been shipped to the wrong address, the initial step is to return it to the shipping company. This means that it might take a while before reaching the right destination.

However, shipping containers can be used for more than just transporting goods. The San Diego region’s first shipping container housing project could open as soon as April of next year. This development will provide housing for 21 formerly homeless veterans and has the potential to set the standard for hundreds of new median-priced and affordable homes in the future.

This initial project is being headed by developers Michael Copley, Jr. and Doug Holmes, partners in the real estate company Makana Properties, LLC. Copley hopes that other developers will pick up their affordable housing initiative. Using shipping containers to build a development is a much faster and much more affordable way than conventional housing methods. If more developers catch on to the idea, there could be thousands of more units, fewer homes crowded with roommates, more vacancies for families, and fewer homeless people on the streets.

For the Makana Properties project, there will be 21 units built on Imperial Avenue in Logan Heights. One of the units will be dedicated to a household that is classified as very-low income, 10 units will be for households making 80% of the area median income, and the 10 other units will be priced at market-rate. Copley and Holmes are planning on renting exclusively to formerly homeless veterans, who are able to use Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing vouchers.

While shipping containers are generally used for direct cargo transportation services, an environmentally friendly method of transportation due toandnbsp;decreased time and stops, these containers will be outfitted exactly like any standard apartment. Each unit will measure about 320-square feet and have its own kitchen, bathroom, and patio. The shipping containers will be insulated and have interior drywalls.

Housing developments made from shipping containers are constructed much more quickly than conventional housing projects, which may linger for nine months in the permitting process and then take up to one year in construction. The work of cutting wood and building frames for typical projects are done on the lot and subject to any number of natural elements. In contrast, the shipping containers are converted into housing units off-site and then set into place with a crane.

This small step towards affordable housing in San Diego couldn’t come at a better time. In early October, the San Diego Housing Federation hosted a two-day conference to address the affordable housing crisis. Aboutandnbsp;600 peopleandnbsp;from government and private sector development attended, learning about how the affordable housing industry works. One of the key points was that they needed a pipeline of leaders and professionals to finance and build housing options such as mixed-use developments, tiny homes, and shipping container homes.

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