These Two Onesie-Wearing Puppies Have Stolen the Hearts of Instagram

The hottest Instagram stars of the summer aren’t from the Kardashian-Jenner clan or appearing on the Billboard charts. They have, however, captured the hearts of thousands.

Meet Darren and Phillip, two English Staffordshire bull terrier pups from Brisbane, Australia. They’re known to their 44,000 Instagram followers as “The_Blueboys.”

Darren and Phillip’s humans, Jennifer McLean and fiancé Lachlan Hall, love throwing slumber parties with their adorable dogs and documenting them on social media.

But these puppies aren’t just hanging around in nothing but a collar. Their mom and dad have dressed them up in plenty of adorable outfits, ranging from sweaters to sneakers, bowties to binkies.

Darren and Phillip’s favorite outfits to snuggle in, however, seem to be footed pajamas. Even for men and women footed pajamas are coming back in style, but the pups don’t wear them during bedtime, McLean says, because they’re not “toilet-friendly.”

That doesn’t stop four-year-old Darren and Phillip, who is three, from getting snuggly during the day, though.

“I never really intended on them being known for wearing onesies,” said McLean, who adopted the pooches along with Lachlan when they were just 10 weeks old. “But they really (really) love wearing clothes.”

“As soon as they are dressed in their pajamas they immediately want to snuggle,” she continued. “They will find a spot on the couch and bury their noses into one another and that’s it for a few hours.”

“We all love to wrap ourselves in our favorite plush blanket, creating a snug and secure feeling for a good night’s rest,” says Tammy Fitzpatrick, Vice President, Big Feet Pajama Company. Comfortable onesie pajamas offer the same results. Sharing this with our pets makes us and them happy plus it allows fun dog in pajamas photos for social media.”

McLean said that she planned on buying clothes for her dogs.

“It started out with actual dog clothes and then to kids jumpers, and then one thing led to another,” she said. “Before I knew it, I was shopping in the baby section buying onesies in department stores.”

McLean’s Instagram followers don’t seem to mind, but not everyone understands the appeal of puppies in PJs.

“I’ve had a few shop attendants ask me who I’m buying for,” she said, “and when I tell them it’s for my dogs, the response I get is mostly that they think I’ve completely lost it.”

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