Top Four Interior Design Trends

UPDATED 9/16/20

A new year means new design trends, which in turn means that interior designers and novice home decorators have reason to rejoice. The new year ushers in new popularity in materials, colors, aesthetic looks, and combinations of all of the above. Here are the top four trends to watch, via the Wall Street Journal.

1. Mixed Up Metals
Metallics are in, but combining them is even more of a trend. Think combinations of warm metals like coppers and rose golds, or mixing it up with a warm metal and a cool metal like stainless steel or silver.

2. Fluid Print Rugs
Rather than rugs with symmetrical or regular prints, try fluid design. Any floor covering that is more artistic and fluidly designed will be much interesting for both you and your guests.  

3. Outdoors Coming In
This year, indoor and outdoor designs will be much more interchangeable. This means that large graphic tiles and natural materials like reclaimed wood are going to feature prominently indoors, while sofa-like furniture will adorn decks and patios.

4. Moody Blues
While it might seem luxurious to paint in deep reds and, interior design tends to focus on greens, blues, and other calming bright shades that can space seem bigger. Shades like Burgandy, navy, and royal purple can take center stage when paired well together with grays, pinks, and corals (which are great colors to pop in with decorative pillows and accents).

“There are so many ways to incorporate design trends in your home without spending too much,” says Albert Nakash of BetterTex. “Add geometric throw pillows to your living room sofa, these pillows can incorporate both moody blue colors and outdoor patterns. Sheer Metallic Drapery, sheer metallics is in! And what a great opportunity to add drapery that offers a trendy metallic style that looks great in any modern home.”

Incorporating these trends doesn’t have to be a full redesign effort. Changing just a couple of elements in the home and swapping them out for one of these four trends will do the job. Remember that a trend is a trend, so the rest of your design should stay timeless.   

In the kitchen, a few interior design upgrades can make a world of difference. Throw a fresh coat of paint on the walls or some fabulous new wallpaper. Stain, or paint the cabinets, to create a fresh, new look. Add some new pulls, handles, and hinges to make space feel even more changed or you can spray paint them a different color.  Then just buy a few accessories like a fruit bowl, towels, and other small things to use to spruce up space. A new kitchen doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep trends in mind but do what you’re comfortable with.    

In other rooms, a fresh coat of paint can change the entire feel of a space. Don’t forget that updating the trim color or changing it can be a great way to update things. New pillows, blankets, and small rugs can completely change a space, without needing new furniture.  You don’t need to remodel to update your interior design. A few little changes can make all the difference!      

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