Trending Now- Buy from Local Businesses!

In recent years, the millennial generation has turned to more sustainable and healthy ways of doing things. Hence the rising popularity of farmer’s markets and handmade items. These are becoming a staple in many cities around the United States, and their growth does not seem to be stopping.

Many small towns with farmland export their crops to larger cities. However, with the increasing popularity of homegrown produce, markets and roadside stands are becoming another source of income for farming families. The emphasis of buying local is one many are taking quite seriously as we also see a rising trend to eat healthier, less processed foods.

States have started to relax food regulations on farmer’s markets in recent years, making it easier than ever for vendors to bring an array of products to the table. Consumers who are unable or unwilling to grow their own food in backyard gardens are eager to take advantage of fresh, local produce and other items.

In addition to the fruits, veggies, jams and flowers offered at typical farmer’s markets, these markets are branching out to include musicians and artisan goods or crafts. For example, another product becoming increasingly popular is handmade furniture. People want unique pieces for their homes rather than generic store brands.

This has made room for an increased demand for Amish furniture, which is handmade almost 100% of the time. The pieces take hard work and skill, and often turn out as beautiful statement pieces that could define any room in a home. Wooden sheds are also a very popular product among consumers due to their sustainability and craftsmanship.

What do you think of these rising trends, and where do you see them going from here? Are we on the right track as a society with this?

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