Ukraine: Military Recaptures Eastern Airport from Pro-Russia Militiamen

Ukraine government is in action now.  It was the first onslaught of Ukraine military to thwart the 30 Russian backed militants from the KRAMATORSK airport. Few days ago, acting president of Ukraine said that he would launch anti-terrorism operation for establishing the rid the state.

Actually, the government has failed to fully establish peace in the eastern part of the country. It is said that those who are subjugating the governmental building are paid operatives of Russia and they are pressing their demands by challenging the rid of the state.  So far, nine eastern cities have been affected and the situation in Kiev region is dilapidated.

Gen. Vasyl Krutov, the commander of the Ukrainian operation said in his press conference that “Our military men have repelled the attacks of insurgents who intended to seize control of facility”. After knowing the presence of Ukraine military, thousands of people of KRAMATORSK rushed towards airport. Actually, they had heard a rumor that Ukraine military is launching military operation across the city which prompted more clashes between people and forces.

To diffuse the protest, General Krutov came out of the airport vicinity and spoke to angry protesters but he was also threatened. On the other hand, coordinator of a pro-Russian defense force Yury Zhadobin said that “two people had been injured in these clashes and they were transported to hospitals for first aid”.

Later on, acting President Oleksandr Turchynov told parliament that “I have been informed via phone that Ukraine military has liberated the KRAMATORSK airport from the terrorists and it is our right to protect our country from ethnic violence”. He further opined that it is our responsibility to foil attempts of tearing our territory into pieces and we would try our best to protect our motherland.

Last but not the least Jay Carney White House spokesman said that “Obama administration is fully supporting the military action taken by Ukraine government and it is their legitimate right to establish law and order in the country”.

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