We are America, we own the finish line,’ Biden says at Boston bombing memorial

On the eve of Boston Marathon bombing anniversary, bombing survivors had gathered at finish-line to show their solidarity and strengths. This event was attended by ordinary citizens and American Political dignitaries. When American flag was raise, a moment of silence and national anthem ceremonies had been observed.  No doubt, the two booms which went off last year put the entire city into the jeopardy. It is said that it was the deadliest terrorist attack after the 9/11 incident.

Besides, Joe Biden and many other political dignitaries bowed their heads when the national anthem and flag-raising ceremonies were being observed. Patrick Downes one of the bombing survivors said that “we would never wish to see the agonies and pains experienced by you”. He further said that you must be feeling as loved as you felt last year and I hope that you must be feeling the emotions that shook the nation off after the twin blasts.

It goes without saying that Downes and his wife Jessica Kensky had lost their each leg in the bombing and it was very creepy moment for them. On the other hand, Biden said to the gathered crowd that “the survivors of the bombing are the epitome of inspiration and perspiration and I have never witnessed such a great tribute in my whole life”.  He further said to survivors that I know you have lost many things in those bombings but you need not to give up in your life. He said to them that “you are the face of America; you have shown to the people of world that Bostonians are the most courageous people”.

Lastly, the vice president of United States said “We are so proud of Bostonians because we are America and we own the finish line”.

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