Unusual and Unique Wedding Jewelry Ideas

Though no two weddings are exactly alike, with thousands of people getting married every day, it can seem like many weddings are, well, quite similar. Approximately 48% of couples research reception venues online. With chain stores offering wedding supplies, dresses, and decorations, it can seem impossible to create a truly one-of-a-kind day.

Though you may not be able to revolutionize the wedding tradition, you can make your own wedding a little more personal by wearing unique and unusual jewelry. Check out these four ideas to find a look that suits your own personal flair and taste:

  1. Go Natural
    While gemstones and metals are beautiful, long-lasting options, they’re quite traditional. If glittering silver necklaces or gold hoops aren’t your style, consider wearing more earthy elements for a natural twist. A crown of live flowers is a colorful and beautiful accessory that doesn’t need earrings or a necklace to stand out. Or, if you’re still interested in stone, try unusual minerals. Sea glass, for example, can be found in subtle hues of green, blue, and aqua, and makes a gorgeous material for wedding jewelry.
  2. Go Without
    Sometimes, less is more. Consider not wearing any earrings, necklaces or bracelets. This choice can draw more attention to the rings if your union involves wedding bands. Choosing to forego jewelry can also celebrate the natural beauty of the newlyweds, and can highlight any tattoos that might be on display.
  3. Try a Pop of Color
    Though western tradition often cherishes an all-white bridal look, adding pops of color can create a more unique look and can celebrate the couple’s personality. A single, rich color or a complementary combination of hues can be an elegant way to tie together a wedding theme. Though too many colors in the jewelry, outfit, and flowers might be overwhelming, don’t hesitate to add the whole rainbow if that style feels right for you!
  4. Break Out the Heirlooms
    Another way to make wedding jewelry more special is to incorporate sentimental and historical pieces. If your family has passed down jewelry, shoes, or clothes from earlier generations, bringing those pieces into the ceremony can create a greater sense of connection to one’s roots. If you don’t have heirloom pieces, shopping at antique stores can add a vintage twist to your look, and you might even find a piece worthy of being passed down to your own younger family members one day!

No two love stories are the same, and no two weddings should be exactly the same, either. Make your day more unique with creative jewelry that you can remember and wear for years to come.

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