Using Emergency Roof Repair Tarp Explained

This video explains how to use an emergency roof repair tarp to fix an issue with the roof. An individual can repair a small area of the roof using a 4 x 8 tarp. The first thing to do in that situation is to examine the radius of the damage to see where to center the tarp.

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The next step is to use a putty knife to break the top layer of shingles about two or three shingles above the damaged one. After that, the individual needs to place the top of the tarp under the least amount of shingles possible and nail it using a diagonal pattern. The person should not put the tarp on top of the shingle but underneath. That practice will prevent water from entering the area.

Once the tarp is placed underneath the top layer of shingles, the person can then place the nails into the shingles to secure the tarp. The next step is to pull the tarp all the way down and then put nails into the outside of the tarp along the sides and the bottom. The nails should be placed in a way that will prevent the tarp from getting torn down.

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