Want a 10-Minute Patio? Watch This!

This video shows how to repair an exterior tile patio. In the video, they are replacing the exterior tile patio rather than replacing the entire patio to save money for the customer.

First, they pay attention to the fact that the patio has not fallen in, which means it was built on a solid ground base. They are going to make what is already there stronger.

Video Source

In the video, explain you want to start all the tiles flush with the ledge using sting lines to ensure it is straight. In the video, they explain how to build the patio so that water runs off it properly. There is some paving needed with tile dust to make sure it is flat.

The video shows the process for laying each tile, being careful not to step on the tile. These particular tiles are light, and they do not want any footprints on them. It shows how to prime the tile before putting it in place so that it bonds. This video shows how to address corners on a patio, as well as steps.

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