Woman Gives Away Her $2,100 Engagement Ring on Facebook to Man Diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer

When one New Mexico woman’s engagement didn’t work out, she decided she didn’t want to pawn her engagement ring. Instead, she used social media to find a deserving couple who could use the ring instead.

Through the “Inhabitants of Burque” Facebook page, which is dedicated to the residents of Albuquerque, NM, she asked couples to tell their stories and share pictures to get a chance at winning the ring.

One couple stood out to the woman, who chose to remain anonymous.

Josh Michaels shared his story on the page, explaining that he had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer two years ago from a tumor that spread in his chest. He also had proposed to his girlfriend, Laura Aitken, that same year.

Michaels’ financial hardships have made it difficult for him to pay bills since he was diagnosed. He has been on disability since December 2013, and recently his home was foreclosed.

As a result, an engagement ring would have been well out of his price range, he said.

Anyone with basic Jewelry 101 understanding knows that engagement rings can be pricey, and the average groom spends about three months looking for the perfect ring. The ring in the giveaway was a $2,100 engagement ring designed by Ben Bridge.

In a written statement, the woman explained that she wanted the ring to go to a happy couple. “I didn’t want it to become another pawn shop ring, for me it was a symbol of love and happiness,” she said.

“Our journey has been long and tedious,” Michaels wrote on Facebook. “I’ve been through over 18 cycles of different chemos. 3 major surgeries. High dose chemo with stem cell rescue.”

Michaels is currently part of a clinical trial as yet another round of treatment.

On the “Inhabitants of Burque page,” a video was posted on April 7 showing Michaels and Aitken being presented with the ring and thanking the woman who gave it to them.

Michaels also got the chance to “propose” to Aitken once again. They haven’t yet decided on a wedding date.


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