Do Men Wear Pajamas? Business Execs and Pro Wrestlers Weigh In

Most people who have watched television or movies from the past few decades have seen men wearing comfortable-looking pajama sets — the kind with a button-up top and matching trousers.

But a recent opinion piece from the Wall Street Journal wonders just how realistic these portrayals are and asks the question: “Do men really wear pajamas to bed?”

Writer Jacob Gallagher set out to find the men who wear those pajamas and asked them what they found so appealing about the garments.

Jon Spring, a 34-year-old marketing director for Ethihad Airways, is a lifelong pajama fan and said, “They’re something you wear for yourself and not to impress anyone else.”

Elijah Clark Ginsberg, a 22-year-old marketing specialist, explained that pajamas make him feel more put together than when he’s “hopping out of bed in gym shorts and a tank top.” He became a pajama devotee three years ago.

Other men responded with similar reasoning: they feel more comfortable and put-together wearing pajamas than they do when wearing other garments to bed.

Yet more respondents said that they tend to wear pajamas when working or relaxing at home instead, but many agreed that they were not appropriate to wear in public.

The piece went viral and spurred debate over whether all men like to wear pajamas to bed or if the topic only appeals to New York’s elite.

The Today Show even got WWE star John Cena to weigh in on the debate. Cena said that he doesn’t really prefer wearing pajamas but will keep clothing close by — just in case.

“When I’m lucky enough to spend an evening with the one I love, I sleep as I was made… without clothes,” he told the hosts.

Cena is one of 8% of American adults who prefer to sleep in the buff or occasionally in the 18% who wear “something else”; on the flip side, the majority of Americans (74%) will actually wear pajamas on a regular basis.

As for whether other guys like wearing PJs, Cena said, “I think it’s still cool. I just think it’s something that not a lot of men do.”

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