Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy: “The citizens of America” got my cattle back

Federal land managers said that escalations of tensions forced them to release all 400 cattle rounded up on public land of Nevada.  They said that Rancher Bundy had refused to reckon their authority which resulted in more tensions.

When the tensions eroded, rancher came at the center of the dispute and loudly said that “The citizens of United States have brought this issue to dead end. After his announcement, Neil Kornze Bureau of Land Management Chief said that “we official halt these week long tensions”.

It goes without saying that when the land manager subjugated the farm cattle of Bundy, thousands of people came for protestation. Most of the protesters were cow guys and they had been armed with shot guns.

On the other hand, Bundy told to a private news agency that “it was my struggle and help of my supporters” which concluded the tensions.  He further said that “there was no olive branch. People of Clark County and United States went and took their cattle; we did not do negotiations with the authorities”.

Actually, the tensions grew when Bundy refused to pay grazing fee to the land authorities. The bureau said that we had revoked his grazing rights because he was not abiding by federal court orders.

Last but not the least U.S. Sen. Dean Heller said in his statement that though the issue has been resolved yet tensions are there. He requested to the protestors that “please go back to your home, BLM is leaving from this area, please allow them to take their equipments”.

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