Cops: Utah mom admitted to killing 6 of her newborns

The woman who killed seven innocent babies has finally admitted that she had intentionally killed her 7 children.  She confessed before the investigation officers that she was either suffocating or strangling the children before putting them in cardboard boxes.

Police said during interrogation Huntsman confessed that she had given birth to 7 children during the time of 1996 to 2006 and she was killing her babies immediately after their birth. She further said that she was wrapping them with towel or shirts before placing them inside the plastic bags”.

On the other hand, Steven Hansen the Utah state judge has set bail of $6 million – $1 million for each child- for Huntsman. She appeared before the Judge through video link from the jail on Monday morning.

It goes without saying that, all neighbors told to investigators that Huntsman was a nice lady and she was caring all neighbor children. They said that they were shocked to hear that Huntsman was killing her infant babies. Besides, Kathie Hawker a neighbor of Huntsman said to investigation officers that Huntsman used to wear baggy clothes and I did not notice that she was pregnant.

Besides, when media reporters asked from police that why she was killing her babies, police declined to comment.  The officials said that investigation is underway and we cannot say anything at this stage.  Grove Police Chief Michael Roberts said to a private news TV channel that “we believe that her husband was not aware of killing and she was hiding her pregnancy”.

Last but not the least, the DNA test of deceased babies are being taken to check whether West and Huntsman are their parents or not.

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